The AWC is a group of wellness chiropractors with a desire to help our communities get healthier through the power of the chiropractic lifestyle. Think about it, how much better would the health of our state be if every person had a nerve system that was under regular chiropractic care? Of course, the answer is simple. Less people would be on chronic medications for their lifestyle diseases, less people would be going under the knife for surgeries that chiropractic could prevent, and more people would be achieving their highest potential! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have that wellness practice AND have the security that you are practicing within the regulations of our state board? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a reassurance that the way your wellness practice runs is perfectly safe because standards are in place to support you? The AWC is the solution! We are here to support you in the pursuit of delivering excellent wellness chiropractic care for your patients! Being part of a like-minded group of amazing chiropractors brings power and legitimacy to your delivery of wellness care for your patients. You don’t have to be worried about “the competition” and instead can focus on bringing health and healing to your community! What are you waiting for? Join today and strengthen this already strong group of doctors looking to transform health care in our state!