Member Benefits

By joining the AWC, you will be getting an assurance and protection for your wellness chiropractic practice. Factions inside the chiropractic profession do not like doctors offering their patients lifetime wellness care, and the AWC gives you a level of support and protection against those people and their agenda.
By joining the AWC, you will get a 20% discount on all your continuing education hours through our affiliation with! That saves you a ton of money over the long haul! You need to pay for these credits anyway, so why don’t you get save money while being a part of a great organization focused on positive change?!?!
By joining the AWC, you will get access to member only content in the form of downloadable information for your wellness practice, webinars with leaders in our profession, and MORE!
The AWC is an affiliate member of the ICA, which means by joining the AWC, you will have access to some of the materials and protection the ICA offers!
Your membership dues are 100% tax deductible! Enough said there!
One of my favorite benefits for you as a member, is the AWC will have a member at every meeting of the NDSBCE! In that way, you will always be informed to what is happening at with state board as it pertains to your wellness practice! Also, you will be informed to any changes that are occurring in our state laws, so you stay up-to-date in your practice!